The smarter way
to save and invest

A little goes a long way.

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How it works?



Create a Mylo account and link your bank to the app.



Use your debit and credit cards to make purchases as usual.



We round your purchases up to the nearest dollar and invest the spare change.

That's it!

Watch your savings and investments grow.

Realize your financial goals without changing your lifestyle.

We make smarter investing
affordable for everyone

Save & invest on autopilot

Automatic roundups, multipliers, recurring deposits and one-time boosts make reaching your goals effortless.

Your fully-managed, diversified portfolio

Your portfolio manager uses Modern Portfolio Theory to invest in low-cost, exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

Unlimited Tax-free accounts

Invest with a TFSA or RRSP to benefit from valuable tax savings.

Free, next-day withdrawals

Access your money when you really need it with faster withdrawals than ever before.

Socially responsible investing

Choose the Mylo SRI Fund to make a positive impact with your investments.

Cashback Perks

Get exclusive deals and discounts from brands you love.

Enjoy the benefits of a smarter way to save and invest.

We're on your side

We want what you want

Your dedicated portfolio manager will invest according to your financial goals and profile. And you can speak with them directly if you want to know more about your investments.

We’re here for you

If you need help using Mylo we’re here. Our friendly customer success team is on call to answer any questions you might have. All you have to do is reach out directly in the app or send an email to support@mylo.ai

Start investing today

Mylo has received thousands of 5-star reviews


“The app is so simple to use and after a month, I’ve already saved so much money.”

Kate L.
Kate L.


Amazing Option for Saving

“It’s a sneaky way to save. It also allows for you to do boosts if you want.”

Steph G.
Steph G.


Great App, Amazing Support!

“I love Mylo. It’s such a painless way to invest and your account adds up quickly.”

Josh E.
Josh E.


Your security is our priority

Bank-level security

We’re not a bank, but we use the same measures as major Canadian banks to protect your money, including 256-bit encryption and secure SSL connections.

A proven track record

Your money is invested by an experienced portfolio manager from Tactex Asset Management, a Mylo company that manages over $140 million in assets.

A commitment to privacy

We will never sell your information. Our Privacy Policy was developed by a former Canadian Privacy Commissioner and ensures your information stays personal.

Investors with authority

Backed by sophisticated investors including Desjardins Capital, the venture capital fund for the largest association of credit unions in North America.

Start investing in your future

It only takes a few minutes to take an important step towards achieving your financial goals.