Meet Mylo

Our inspiration for the name Mylo comes from the story of Milo of Croton. Every day, Milo carried a calf up a mountain. Even as the calf grew into a bull, Milo kept with his daily routine, and it paid off... Milo developed incredible strength and became a six-time Olympic wrestling champion.

Like Milo of Croton, you too can achieve incredible feats by taking small steps. The Mylo app takes this same approach to help you achieve your financial goals.

Meet the Team

Behind all great technologies are great people.

Philip Barrar


Liam Cheung

CEO at Tactex Asset Management

Loïc Bertron


Jonathan Shaanan


David Fortin

Portfolio Manager at Tactex Asset Management

Philippe Leroux

Legal Counsel

Gustavo Burckhardt

Senior Developer

Nathaniel Blumer

Mobile Developer

Kara Schaefer

Mobile Developer

Eric Lemay

Head of Product

Sam Beushausen


Maria Kotsoros


Louis-Philippe Cantin

Compliance Analyst at Tactex Asset Management

Tahnya Baloukas

Compliance Analyst at Tactex Asset Management

Cloé Tétreault-Tremblay

Customer Support Specialist

So you think you can Mylo?

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