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Upgrade your investments with smart new features from Mylo Advantage.

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The smartest way to invest. Save money with valuable tax benefits.


Mylo SRI Fund

Make a positive impact with the option to invest in companies that are working to change the world for the better.


Advantage perks

Exclusive access to valuable rewards and discounts from your favourite brands.


Fast withdrawals

Access your money when you really need it with next day withdrawals via Interac e-Transfer.

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Mylo Advantage makes smarter
investing affordable for everyone

Save & invest on autopilot

Automatic roundups make investing effortless.

Tax-free registered accounts

Invest with a TFSA or RRSP to benefit from valuable tax savings.

Socially responsible investing

Choose Mylo’s SRI Fund to make a positive impact with your investments.

No hidden fees

We only ever charge a flat $3 monthly fee. Try your first month free and cancel your monthly subscription anytime.

Your own diversified portfolio

We use Modern Portfolio Theory to invest in low-cost, exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

Faster withdrawals

Withdraw money whenever you want for free and access the funds within a single business day.

Advantage Perks are exclusive monthly deals that save you hundreds with the brands you love.

Mylo Advantage pays for itself,
thanks to the savings you’ll get from Perks

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Mylo Advantage is the new way to save and invest, launching in fall 2018! It comes with premium features and services that aren’t available to users with a standard Mylo subscription.
Mylo and Mylo Advantage are different versions of the same saving and investing platform. While Mylo comes with standard features (like roundups, the multiplier, boosts, free withdrawals and Round up to Give), Mylo Advantage comes with all of that and more, including tax-free registered accounts (TFSAs & RRSPs), socially responsible investing, faster withdrawals and valuable monthly perks.
Mylo has a lower monthly subscription fee but fewer money saving features. You’ll get the greatest value from Mylo Advantage because this plan comes with tax-free registered accounts and perks from our partners, brands you already love.

Mylo Advantage Mylo
Recurring deposits
Roundup multiplier
Round Up to Give
Registered accounts
(RRSPs and TFSAs)
Socially responsible investing
Next-day withdrawals
Perks and rewards
Price$3 per month$1 per month
Mylo Advantage is just $3 per month. You’ll get three months free when you join the waitlist. Plus with Mylo Advantage Perks, your monthly subscription will pay for itself with exclusive deals that save you money on the brands you love. Just like the basic Mylo service, there are no hidden fees. We won’t charge you a management fee and withdrawals are always free!
Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) is the term used to describe investment funds created to support companies that prioritize making a positive change in the world. Mylo users have told us that they want the option to invest their money in a way that aligns with their values, so we created the Mylo SRI Fund. Mylo Advantage gives you the flexibility to choose to invest in the Mylo SRI fund, or the standard Mylo fund, depending on what feels right to you.
The investment objective of the Mylo SRI Fund is to provide long term capital growth by investing in a manner consistent with addressing the world’s major social and environmental challenges, such as climate change, gender diversity in the workplace, corporate social responsibility and sustainable development.
We use Interac e-Transfer to process your withdrawal requests within one business day. With Mylo Advantage, you’ll have faster access to your funds, and best of all, withdrawals are still free.
You can join the waitlist for Mylo Advantage today. We’ll start rolling the beta version of Mylo Advantage soon after and launch officially later this fall.

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