Mylo Advisor

Get exclusive access to your dedicated financial concierge, on-demand.

Discover a smarter way to get personalized financial advice.

Expert advice

Get access to our team of financial advisors with years of professional experience.

Easy & convenient

Simply open your Mylo app and start a real-time chat with Advisor.

Personalized & data-driven

Get advice tailored to your personal goals and financial situation.

Honest & unbiased

Our only objective is to help you save money. Unlike most financial institutions, we're not trying to sell you anything.

Mylo Advisor helps you make better choices & save money.

Your dedicated financial advisor can answer all kinds of questions that can help you achieve your financial goals.

Can I pay down my debt faster?

Get a personalized action plan for getting back in the black.

How much house can I afford?

Find a clear path to home ownership based on your timelines and situation.

Should I get life insurance, and if so, how much?

Get expert advice to navigate financial decisions that are important to you and your family.

Should I pay down my mortgage or invest in my RRSP?

That depends. Let's look at your specific situation and find the best choice for you.

Check out these common FAQs about Advisor

Mylo Advisor is a new service that gives you access to expert financial guidance whenever you need it. Our team of financial experts draws on their years of experience to offer you advice tailored to your personal circumstances and goals.
Simple. You ask and we’ll answer, directly via chat. You can ask any questions about your financial life. Not only will one of our financial experts respond with advice, but they’ll also turn your financial priorities into a personalized plan that takes into account your financial goals and specific situation.
You can ask any question related to your life and finances. You can get help with budgeting, loans, credit card debt, saving and more. Here are some examples of questions asked:
  •  - How do I pay off my credit card quickly?
  •  - Should I pay off my student loan aggressively?
  •  - Am I paying too much for my cellphone?
  •  - How do I make a budget?
  •  - Can I afford a new car?
  •  - How much do I need for a down payment on a condo?
  •  - What’s the difference between a non-registered and registered investment?
  •  - Should I buy or rent?
  •  - Do I need mortgage insurance?
...or any other question that you have about your money and the choices you make with it. Plus, there's no limit to how many questions you can ask... so Advisor is there for you whenever you need it.
Yes. Access to Mylo Advisor is through your regular Mylo account. Your bank information will also allow our financial experts to give you advice tailored to your current financial situation.

As always, security and privacy are our #1 concern, so your data is protected using the same policies and protocols used by the banks. You can learn more about our Privacy Policy here.

You can ask as many questions as you’d like. Your advisor is there for you, on-demand, and will take the time and focus needed to make sure you have clear and actionable answers to the financial questions that are most important to you.
Just shoot us a message via the app or send an email to Our Customer Success Team will be happy to help.

Mylo Advisor is a financial service offered by Tactex Asset Management, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mylo Financial Technologies Inc.